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Why am I overeating on the weekends???

Updated: Nov 24, 2022


whats the best diet

We've all done it. I've done it a thousand times. A week of effort, totally undone by a weekend of overindulgence. Monday inevitably rolls around and you start all over again.

But first, some totally bonkers rationalisations.

1. Because it's Friday!

2. Because it's Saturday!

3. Because it's Sunday!

4. And the craziest one. Because it's Thursday night! (and that's nearly Friday right?)

We all know what we've done on the weekend that's “wrong” but maybe we should look at this in a kind of backward way. Maybe there are things that we do during the week that seem “right” but are actually “wrong” (I don't like to categorize any eating as right or wrong, but for this article we'll use those words, we all know what I mean, I hope)

Mistake #1

Trying to be “perfect” all week instead of being “good enough” The perfect diet, or what ever you think that is, requires a whole lot of willpower. A simple example is avoiding all bread,(even though you really like bread!) From Monday to Friday bread is off the menu, Friday rolls around and at this stage you are tired, and your willpower gives out. Now is about the time that you might start to reflect on what an awesome dieter you've been all week, how you've done so well, maybe you deserve a treat? So, of course you eat a pile of bread, maybe with some cheese, and a glass of wine, or maybe a pizza? The fact that you have set “rules” around bread means that you know it's off the menu again next week, thus increasing your chances of overeating today.

The solution is to be “good enough” If you feel like a little bread through out the week, have it! It will greatly reduce your chances of overeating it at the weekend.

Mistake #2

FOOD RULES. “I can have this but I can't have that. I can't eat after this time. This food is good, that food is bad” This is an all or nothing approach that will drive you up the walls. You think you're doing great, but once you deviate from the plan, there's nothing left to guide you.

Solution?? Forget the rules, let hunger be your guide. Eat slowly until you are satisfied, don't eat if you're not hungry, (it's very simple I know, simple is best)

Mistake #3

CHEAT DAYS. Unless you are a bodybuilder (they can sometimes implement this as a workable strategy) I can't see the point of cheat days. When you label a day CHEAT DAY, just expect the worst. Why would you eat thousands of calories in one day after depriving yourself all week?


Eat a little more EVERY day and forget about cheat days. Please!

Mistake #4 (last one)

Not acting like an adult. Sounds harsh I know, but I've done it (and owning up to doing it is also part of being an adult)


I didn't eat chocolate today so I'll eat a massive dessert this weekend.

My friend said “ah gwan, live a little” so I felt shamed into it.

My mother made a big apple tart so I HAD to have a big slice.

My friend wanted to chat so I drank a bottle of wine with them.

Someone brought chocolates to work so I had about 10.

Now, I'm NOT saying that you don't eat what you want, but I am saying that you are an adult, no-one is pinning you down and forcing food into you. You have free will, you have choices, you really have to OWN your choices. Decide what you want, decide on your values, decide on your principles and let them guide you in your everyday life.

Try putting some or all of the principles above in to action...…..

Stop trying to be “perfect”, be “good enough”

Forget food rules, let hunger guide you.

Forget cheat days.

Take ownership of your decisions.

The great thing about all of the above, is that they are actually easier to do than the opposite. And …..hopefully you can get control of your weekend overeating.

Until next time.


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