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What we

U1 Engine

& U1 Build

Group training in urban one

Small group training


We are not an ordinary gym. Forget about working out on your own, we run small group fitness sessions 6 days a week from our fitness studios. Open to everyone from beginners to athletes. We are a boutique studio, our sessions focus on three entities fundamental to functional fitness: Strength, Conditioning & Mobility. Our workouts will be easy to learn and challenging to complete. 

We have two strength and conditioning classes.  ENGINE is more high paced, a little more cardio than weights.  BUILD is more weights and feels more like small group personal training.  Take the 7 day free trial and create a more toned, fitter, leaner and happier version of yourself!

U1  PT

urban one personal training 1.jpg

1:1 Personal Training


Results-focused personal training, nutrition, and mindset coaching at a top personal training gym.

First, you will have a consultation with your trainer in one of our  consultation rooms. Each trainer takes the time to get to know their new client’s current lifestyle and training goals. If required, trainers will run mobility assessments before creating a sustainable training program tailored for their new clients goals.


Because we are a private PT gym, you will have access to all equipment, no waiting in line, no training with 50 people looking on.  Your trainer will be with you throughout every session to instruct you on the most effective and the safest technique.


spinning classes in limerick

U1 Ride, Spinning 

Turn down the lights and crank up the music, we wanted our spinning classes to look and feel like a nightclub!  And they really do!

When you sign up for spinning, you will register with Polar (for free) online.   Then when you come to urban one we will provide you with a Polar heart rate monitor which you will wear throughout the class.   The Polar app on our big screen TV displays heart rate, heart rate % and calories burned.   We work as a team through our heart rate zones and all your stats are available in your polar account afterward. Average calories burned per member is 500+ for 45 minutes.  One of our members recently burned 927 calories in 45 minutes one Thursday on his lunch break!


Getting Started 

Everyone who starts a membership for our group sessions receives 1 free week.  That's up to 6 sessions FREE so that you can experience what URBAN ONE looks and feels like.   

To get your free week or to book in for your first personal training session, just click below to go to our contact page.

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